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The artist Georges Lilanga
Pseudonym: Georges Lilanga Di Nyama
Born 1934, Kikwetu village, Maasi, Tanzania.
Lives and works in Daressalam, Tanzania, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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George Lilanga was born in 1934 in Kikwetu village in southern Tanzania. Like most Makonde youngsters, he learned to carve on soft kassava root before carving on soft wood. Later, he started carving the hard black wood (mpingo) under the guidance of Mzee Sumaili...

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Lilanga’s art—animated by a keen sense of social critique and caricature—illustrates the continuity of artistic vision among the Makonde and its renewal in the context of the present day. In many ways his sculptures and paintings follow Makonde conventions...

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