George Tooker | the artist

The artist George Tooker
Born 1920, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Died March 27 2011, Hartland, Vt, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Magic Realism,

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Inspired by early Netherlandish and Italian Renaissance art and contemporary life, George Tooker's haunting paintings and prints combine meticulous representation and a sense of brooding mystery to comment on the human condition. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tooker grew up in suburban Long Island in comfortable circumstances. As a child he took painting lessons from a family friend. Tooker attended Phillips Academy, an elite high school in Andover, Massachusetts, and in 1942 he graduated from Harvard, where he had majored in English and pursued his interest in art. Disturbed by the social inequalities and poverty he encountered in the rural mill towns near Andover, he became interested in using his art to effect social change according to the recent example of politicized Mexican figural painters...

In the SummerhouseÂ’ and other works

Woman sitting resting her arms on the window sill of an open window. With her left hand she supports her head by placing her hand on her forehead. Behind the window shade is the silhouette of a man. In the background is a waist up view of man leaning against the wall...

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