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The artist Gelitin
Born 1993, , Austria.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

gelitin is comprised of four artists.
Ali Janka (*1970), Wolfgang Gantner (*1968), Tobias Urban (*1971), and Florian Reiter (*1970)

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Usually, the four artists build their objects out of found or “exclusive” discarded material. Their bold constructions always fulfill their aim of creating new pleasure-oriented physical experiences. gelitin’s elaborate projects, which combine installations and rock concerts, fi lm and performance, action art and happenings, deejaying and ecstasy, are often kicked off or climax in spectacles lasting several days...

Brauner Garten, MuHKA

Hase (Rabbit)

"Nella Nutella"