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The artist Ged Quinn
Born 1963, , England.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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In Ged Quinn's paintings, varying elements intrude into the work disguised as surfaces, such as an aerial view of Auschwitz appearing as a decoration in the glaze on a vase (Camp 2004), or a map of America visible in the fur of a dog (I like America and America Likes Me)...


A cherry cake, beautifully painted in the demure style of a 17th-century Dutch still life, sits atop a glass dish. The shape into which it has been cut, a sort of mock-medieval cross, is that of Spandau prison, the infamous Berlin detention centre and symbol of uneasy Cold War accord to which a handful of high-ranking Nazi officers were banished following their conviction at the Nuremberg Trials...

Evolving from a spectrum of sources in art history, photographs, memory, newspaper cuttings and books, QuinnÂ’s canvases introduce new and universal topics...

Asleep by the Light of Glow-Worms