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The artist Gabriel Lester
Born 1972, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Brussel, Belgium, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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Kunstenaars Jurgen Bey, Ronald Cornelissen en Gabriel Lester ontwierpen in samenwerking met studenten van de TU Eindhoven een blob. Het doel was te onderzoeken of het mogelijk was om met de zogenoemde Blowing Structure Method ‘vloeiende architectuur’ te maken...

Fons Welters.

Gabriel Lester's film All Wrong is built entirely from downloaded images and videos, based on a story written with Aaron Schuster. Whether the images illustrate the text or are tagged to the text, or whether the text drives the image or vice versa, becomes increasingly less important as the function and constructs of film and narrative unravel...