Felix Gonzalez-Torres | the artist

The artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Born 1957, Guaimaro, Cuba.
Died 1996 New York, USA.

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The art of the late Felix Gonzalez- Torres took many different forms during his relatively brief career but it was always motivated by his fervent desire for dialogue and community. His self-portrait in the form of a personal chronology is painted in two bands above eye level on the galleryís four walls. According to the artistís wishes, new events or significant moments related to his life may be added to the work each time it is installed…
The mission of the Foundation is to foster an appreciation for the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres among the general public, scholars, and art historians. The Foundation provides guidance and assistance to those who are interested in including his work in exhibitions and helps people gain access to appropriate works for exhibition. In addition, the Foundation holds the copyright to all of the artist’s work and fills reproduction requests, for reviews, articles, and catalogues. It also issues non-exclusive license agreements outlining the terms of usage.
MOCA collection
Untitled (Public Opinion)
The viewer’s first reaction to Untitled (Death by Gun) is one of uncertainty. Is this stack of papers on the floor meant to be walked around and viewed from different angles, like sculpture? Or did the artist intend these papers to be picked up and examined?…

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