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The artist Eric and Heather ChanSchatz
Born 1968 (both), Eric Chan: Tokyo; Heather Schatz: Dallas, Texas, Japan / USA.
Lives and works in New York.

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Installation art, Painting,

Like Haeckel, ChanSchatz work from an encyclopedic database of minutely differentiated forms. Crab-like clusters joined in tight rings hover next to starburst mandalas. Tiled mosaic borders abut spectral buds. Broad, oscilloscopic curves dance across the picture plane like errant lassos intent on reigning in the excess energy. Although a certain psychedelic profusion obtains, nowhere present is the lava lampís squeezed lozenges or the kaleidoscopeís perfect symmetry.

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Actually itís in the creative process of those paintings that lays their meaning. Eric and Heather ChanSchatz created in the mid 90ís an index of forms, colours combinations and phrases which serve as the basis of all their work.

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