Emiko Kasahara | the artist

The artist Emiko Kasahara
Born 1963, Tokyo, Japan.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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"This is work in which the carnal confronts the obsessively clean and orderly. . . . Upon entering the gallery, the visitor experiences the scent of bleach, which infuses the space with a cold, antiseptic quality. The bleach fills two sensuous marble sinks/breasts, bringing to mind both bodily fluid and holy water."

Immaculate Fabrication

Immaculate Fabrication was Emiko Kasahara's first solo show in New York. Her work resonates with a quiet tension. The carnal is confronted by obsessive cleanliness. Sensuality fights against repression. Personal isolation is opposed by the desire to express one's sensuality.