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The artist Ellen Altfest
Born 1971, New York City, USA.
Lives and works in New York, NY, .

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Rosenthal Foundation Award in Painting

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Working from life rather than photos, Ellen AltfestÂ’s paintings exude an experiential quality: capturing the transference the impact of looking as it becomes imprinted in memory, she replicates her personal engagement with the objects as a tangible sensation on her canvas. Tumbleweed offers a cosmos of this ethereal state.

"Ellen Altfest asks us to slow down, to crawl, to feel our way across the variegated surfaces of her depicted objects until we experience them as materialized hallucinations. The dense skin of her paintings invites us to travel into nether-spaces of bewildering complexity where we become lost in a thoroughly mapped world right in front of our eyes..."

New York painter Ellen Altfest lights the darker side of country and the joy of yodeling.