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The artist Egon Schiele
Born June 12 1890, Vienna, Austria.
Died Oct 31 1918 Vienna.

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Egon Schiele Museum.
Egon Schiele (1890-1918) invested his art with an emotional intensity that, coupled with his radical formal innovations, characterized the Austrian contribution to Expressionism. During his short but highly prolific career which ended with his premature death, Schiele created more than three thousand works on paper and approximately three hundred paintings…
Seeking isolation, Schiele left Vienna in 1911 to live in several small villages; he concentrated increasingly on self-portraits and allegories of life, death, and sex and produced erotic watercolors. In 1912, he was arrested for “immortality” and “seduction”; during his 24-day imprisonment, he executed a number of poignant watercolors and drawings…
Sammlung Leopold Wien

Sucession 49 Ausstellung (Secession 49 Exhibition)

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