Edward Wadsworth | the artist

The artist Edward Wadsworth
Born Oct 29 1889, Cleckheaton, England.
Died June 21 1949 London.

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting, Vorticism,

(also known by the name Edward Alexander Wadsworth)

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Works in the Tate collection
Edward Wadsworth was a painter, printmaker and graphic designer. In 1912, he contributed to Roger Fry’s Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition and was briefly a member of the Omega Workshops. A signatory of the Vorticist Manifesto in 1914 and contributing to the first ‘Blast’ publication, he joined Lewis’s Rebel Art Centre. A founder member of the London Group, he succeeded J B Manson as secretary of the Group in 1915…
Composition – Crank and Chain

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