Edouard Zelenine | the artist

The artist Edouard Zelenine
Born 1938, , Russia.
Died March 15 2002, Paris, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Soviet Nonconformism,

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There are certain surrealist elements in the work of Edouard Zelenine. His "Man Violin" seen here is the incarnation of a poetic metaphor which is not without a certain slightly mannered elegance…

About the artist, with portrait

<p>was born in 1938 in Novokuznetsk. Has started to be engaged in painting at the age of 12 years in a fine art studio of the Novokuznetsk House of Pioneers. <br /> In 1954-1957 studied in Sverdlovsk in art college. In 1957-1959 studied in Leningrad at art school at Academy of arts with Michael Shemjakinym and Oleg Grigoriev). Has been deducted from last class…</p>