Edouard Leve | the artist

The artist Edouard Leve
Born 1965, Neuilly sur Seine, France.
Lives and works in Paris, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Le traitement de l’actualité par les journaux est le matériau de départ d’Edouard Levé qui photographie des scènes emblématiques de la vie économique et politique (conférences, rencontres, inaugurations, etc.) reconstituées en studio.


Sans titre, 2002, Série Pornographie

Édouard Levé’s works are often based on representing an already existing picture or text. In his book Journal, the artist has collected news articles from various newspapers and rewritten them without descriptive expressions. Levé creates a new work of art through existent media texts or other works. Meanings are altered but something remains of the content of the photographs, texts or paintings used as source material…

In the Fictions photographs, black-clad models and unexpected props (an electric guitar, a hill of crumpled papers) suggest bizarre narratives. Contradicting the playful connotations of their poses are the characters’ glib expressions and rigid postures…