Doris B Lambling | the artist

The artist Doris B Lambling
Born Jan 16 1959, Mannheim, Germany.
Lives and works in Mannheim, Germany, .

Style and technique of the artist: Metaphysical Painting, Painting,

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Paintings with expressive colormetric
quantum-femi-fauvi-synergism. My subjects are celebrating every
dimension of life by celebrating colour – without fear, but with
passion, an innocent mind, love, joy, spirit, depth and humour.

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Since I've discovered painting as a wonderful way to express myself, my feelings, dreams and experiences in an imaginative and colourful way, it became somekind of drug for me.

Images and words by german artist Doris B. Lambling. All my pictures are created spontaneous and intuitive. They always come from the eye of the heart and the depth of soul. Sometimes also from strange thoughts in my head, which I notice with a smile. Mainly a look in inner worlds it’s always my perception of energies in and around me.

Though every painting was developed independent, they suddenly seem to work together as a personal tarot deck. <br<br /> A deck, which will encourage you saying yes to life, embracing the wild and wonderful within. Don't be afraid of changes. Never stopp to start something new, if needed. Life is always comedy and tragedy, scary and funny, … Feeling weak, ask for help, you’ll get it by your own mighty spirits. Deep inside I know, we are protected against all harm. Learning and growing is a lifetime process. Enjoy the cosmic smile...transcendental happiness - Welcome live!

Fine art done with imagination and excellence of technique. Paintings of visionary or surrealistic imagery inspired by dreams, visions, metaphysical experiences, political views, philosophical insights, imaginative portraiture, and more.