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The artist Doc Edgerton
Born Apr 6 1903, Fremont Nebraska, USA.
Died Jan 4 1990

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

-Harold Eugene Edgerton-

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Dr. Edgerton set into motion a lifelong course of innovation centered on a single idea—making the invisible visible.
He revolutionized photography, helped the Allies win World War II, allowed Jacques Cousteau to see deep under the sea, and even hunted the Loch Ness monster. Harold "Doc" Edgerton, who spent a lifetime teaching people to see the world differently, is the subject of an exhibit at the MIT Museum, on the campus where he worked and taught for half a century…
MIT Banana Split
Edgerton worked with the undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, by first providing him with underwater stroboscopes, and then by using sonar to discover the Britannic. Edgerton participated in the discovery of the American Civil War battleship USS Monitor..

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