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The artist Diann Bauer
Born , New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Drawing,

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Aeroplane parts

Diann Bauer was born in New York and currently lives and works in London. In her first solo show in Athens she presents Meijius (2004), a large scale wall-based drawing. The drawing functions like a cinematic screen with static images of violent battles among Japanese warriors in an imaginary urban environment...

An American who has previously made installations of model aircraft hanging in mid-explosion and paintings of giant cars crashing into generic US townscapes, Diann Bauer flaunts a steroidal aesthetic. Her first solo show is quite literally a gutsy endeavour. Dividing the gallery is a large, black, multi-panelled partition wall embellished with an eccentric copy of a scene by 19th Century Japanese master printmaker Kuniyoshi, in which a vengeful Edo warrior in full battle dress sinks his gleaming sword into some unfortunate. BauerÂ’s remake is as bright as a manga comic and laced with super-realist depictions of creamy pink viscera...

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