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The artist Dario Robleto
Born 1972, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Alloy of Love
Conceptual artist Dario Robleto’s work is a veritable mixtape of humanity, and sometimes he even makes mixtapes (and a plethora of other objects) using human bones…
Robleto is heavily influenced by DJ culture and the theory and practice of mixing and sampling; to enter his world is to understand that “everything is made from something”—that a piece of music (even without the sound) has a composer, a score, instruments—and that all of this, on a molecular level, persists throughout time, even as it mutates over the years…
San Antonio-based artist Dario Robleto focuses on symbols of grief and mourning connected to U.S. soldiers of war…
Artist Dario Robleto uses everything from gunpowder to human bones to rose petals that he mixes with literary and music metaphors to create sculptures that add up to a sprawling story about time travel, war and the changing body of humankind.

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