Daniel Roth | the artist

The artist Daniel Roth
Born 1969, Schramberg, Germany.
Lives and works in Karlsruhe, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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In recent years Roth has gained critical acclaim for his multi-media installations where the objects and images within serve as documentary evidence to a fantastic event or phenomenon that has been uncovered. Through his keen observations the artist, part detective, part archeologist, finds connections to seemingly unrelated events and places, therefore revealing hidden relationships...

Works and biography

Fictional stories, invented folklore and urban myths are told through the installations, drawings, photography and sculpture of German artist Daniel Roth...


The point of departure for the complex installations of Daniel Roth are places which actually exist in landscapes, institutions or companies, and in which this seeker and teller of stories finds signs of a second level of reality, a fantastic inner dimension...