Dan Perjovschi | the artist

The artist Dan Perjovschi
Born 1961, Sibiu, Romania.
Lives and works in Bucharest.

Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Conceptual Art, Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennial, Sydney Biennale,

Artist, Publisher of the magazin 22 in Bukarest. 1999 official contribution of the Rumanian pavillon at Biennial Venice.

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

Uncle Chop Chop

Dan Perjovschi’s live sculpture evokes in the memory
of the locals a moment from the recent history of
Romania—the miner-lead incursions into the heart of
Bucharest in the early 1990s intended to stifle
democratic protests against the neo-communist
government of the time. Monument (History / Hysteria
2) will be performed daily for a week in the same…

Dan Perjovschi (Romanian, b. 1961), who lives and works in Bucharest, has transformed the medium of drawing, using it to create an object, a performance, and an installation. In the last decade, Perjovschi has made his drawings spontaneously in museum spaces, allowing global and local affairs to inform the final result…

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