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The artist Christine Borland
Born 1965, Darvel, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Lives and works in Glasgow.

Style and technique of the artist: BritArt, Installation art, Painting,

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Phantom Twins
Leather, sawdust and replica foetal skulls
The art of Christine Borland embraces scientific thought and research to explore the fragile yet resilient nature of human life. The methods and materials Christine Borland chooses for her art (such as spider-dragline filament, bone china, bronze, and glass) contrast with the gravity of the issues she addresses: genetics, individual identity, medical ethics and mortality. Christine Borland’s immersion in the realm of science allows us to view contested issues and significant advances in unique and unexpected ways…
Through meticulous research, Borland who was short-listed for the 1997 Turner Prize – explores life, death and how social systems and institutions exploit and devalue life. In ‘English Family China’ a number of real human skulls, imported from South America via the USA one foetal, one adult male, one adult female and one six year old child – are her starting point…
Christine Borland is one of Scotland’s most successful and internationally recognised artists, and is currently a research fellow at Glasgow School of Art…

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