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The artist Christian Attersee
Born 1940, Pressburg, Germany.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennial,

(Christian Ludwig Attersee)

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christian ludwig attersee
Christian Ludwig Attersee was born in 1940 in Bratislava/Slovakia and moved to Austria in 1944; today he lives in Vienna and Semmering in Lower Austria.
Attersee spent his youth in Aschach near Linz and in Attersee, Upper Austria; he was one of the great sailing sportsmen of Austria – thus his nom
de plume Attersee. He made his name not only as an artist in the fine and visual arts, but also as a musician, writer, object maker, designer, set
designer and film maker. Attersee is noted first and foremost as one of the leading exponents of objective painting in Europe during the last 40 years; he is a lone wolf in nearly all fields of the visual arts…

christian ludwig attersee
The painter, graphic artist, musician, author, stage designer, and film maker, who has also held a professorship at today’s University of Applied Arts Vienna since 1990, was born in Bratislava in 1940. Christian Ludwig Attersee’s many-facetted oeuvre is to be seen as fundamentally resulting from the artist’s principles of life. Knowing no hierarchy, his work is characterized by intensity and obsessive power, by wealth and passion…

christian ludwig attersee

christian ludwig attersee
Mit seinen expressiven, gegenständlichen Gemälden in kräftigen Farben ist Christian Ludwig Attersee einer der vielseitigsten Künstler Österreichs. 1957 bis 1963 an der Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Wien ausgebildet, ist er nicht nur als bildender Künstler, sondern auch als Musiker, Schriftsteller, Filmproduzent und Bühnenbildner tätig…

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