Cheryl Kline | the artist

The artist Cheryl Kline
Born 1956, California, USA.
Lives and works in Santa Monica, CA.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

Blending body prints with Figurative painting - oil on
linen, canvas and wood celebrating the human form in a spiritual dance.
Also prolific in dramatic contemporary landscape paintings.

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A sample of the past 2 years of paintings by Cheryl
Kline-  Dancing Oracles series showed earlier in 2006 at Gallery C, Land
and Sky series was shown and sold out at The Discovery Museum, CT in
Jan. 2006 and McLean Gallery in Sept.

In her DANCING ORACLES series, Kline uses her body to
achieve stunning psychological effects. Applying paint to her nude body,
she places herself onto a painted surface. Affecting a variety of
posses, she follows the impulses of her mind to release innate energies.
Hence, her physical body becomes the primary vehicle for expression. By
continuing to work the surfaces, she allows her creativity to explode
into visions previously undivided. As in In Light Of Rhapsody, figures
pulsate with life. They dance and float like sacred earth goddesses from
a mythic past. Ritually ascending and transforming, they evolve and
metamorphose into strong physical presences. By adding a projective
dimension, Kline expands the sensation of pictorial space…

Current sky series on exhibit in Malibu, CA.
Cheryl Kline’s skyscapes are derived from an entire lifetime of looking
at nature. She learned that each recurrence of an event could be
entirely new, or different, if endowed by the viewer with a different
emotion. Seeking this emotional content, while Kline’s views may
sometimes be reminiscent of Church, she has looked more to the
Luminists, such as Martin Johnson Heade, as her inspiration.

Ahh…today you surprised me,

you hid your smile until midday

when you flooded my room

like a symphony of fire

leaving me flushed and aglow.

And yesterday evening your mood of passion

exploded with a vermilion embrace,

a reminder of the paradise I seek,

wondering and wanting tomorrow,

for you to tease me more with your

soft cloud whispers on a bed of ultramarine.

Your infinite power is my addiction.

I am in love with you…the sky.

Current work available in San Francisco, Kline will be
exhibiting a new Sky series in May, 2007

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