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The artist Charles Juhasz-Alvarado
Born 1965, Clark AFB, Philippines.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Singapore Biennale,

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Jardín de Frutos Prohibidos/
ZONA FRANCA (The Garden of the Forbidden Fruit/DUTY FREE)

Mannequin of a U.S. customs agent
Charles Juhász-Alvarado creates elaborate installations that compel viewers to investigate, piecing together complex arrangements formed by ambitious, oversized, toy-like sculptural parts, participatory processes and emblematic narratives. The work, I-scream (resist!), refers to the legendary 1983 robbery of Wells-Fargo in West Hartford by the Puerto Rican pro-independence group, Los Macheteros. His work both references this event and transforms it, turning a felony event that serves as a point of pride for certain Puerto Ricans into an ice cream truck that freezes resistance, and/or offers frozen treats as opposed to hoarding dollars.
Canal de la Mona: Zona de Turbulencia
The Garden of the Forbidden Fruit/DUTY FREE

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