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The artist Charles Gwathmey
Born june 19 1938, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Died aug 3 2009 Manhattan, NY, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Architecture,

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Guggenheim restoration
The early work of Le Corbusier has been their guide, but they have not been imprisoned by their master…Gwathmey Siegel have seen in Le Corbusier not only compositional strategies and specific tropes of plan and section; they have also seen a senuousness of shape and color and texture…There is another powerful architectural influence at work, which perhaps explains why the influence of LeCorbusier, though almost never absent in the work, is never tyrannizing. That other influence is Louis I. Kahn. Charles Gwathmey first learned of Kahn while an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania and transferred to Yale to study with him – only to find that his would be master had quit New Haven for Philadelphia…

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