Charles Despiau | the artist

The artist Charles Despiau
Born Nov 4 1874, Mont-de-Marsan, France.
Died Oct 28 1946, Paris, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Documenta Kassel,

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Despiau became affiliated with the group of sculptors known as the Jeunes Sculpteurs Independents which also included Camille Claudel. August Rodin noticed his work and employed him from 1907-1914 as the manager of the marble store associated with the Rodin studio. He is known for his sculptures, drawings and lithographs as well as his portraits of notable personages including Andre Derain, Dunoyer de Segonzac, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Charles Despiau was born on November 4, 1874, in Mont-de-Marsan, in the Landes province. His father, like his grandfather, was a plasterer. His brother, eight years older, accidentally died at the age of 17. Charles Despiau completes his school studies in his hometown, showing no particular skills, except in drawing and plastic arts…