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The artist Cesar Klein
Born 1876, Hamburg, Germany.
Died 1954, Pansdorf/Lübeck, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Novembergruppe, Expressionism,

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Der in Hamburg geborene und vorwiegend in Berlin tätige Cesar Klein (1876 – 1954) zählte in den ersten Jahrzehnten des 20. Jahrhunderts zur künstlerischen Avantgarde in Deutschland...

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Cesar Klein is one of the less well-known artists of the Weimar Era. Like his more famous contemporaries George Grosz and John Heartfield, he was principally committed to social and political subjects. Best remembered as a graphic artist, he contributed posters and pamphlet design in support of many of the artistic and political groups that proliferated at the German revolution of 1919...

L'Expressionnisme allemand

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