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The artist Cecil Beaton
Born 1904, London, England.
Died 1980 Broadchalke.

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Born in 1904 in London and coming of age at the peak of the 20s, Cecil Beaton was in love with the worlds of high society, theater, and glamour. Beauty in his hands was transformed into elegance, fantasy, romance and charm…
Beaton was a master of self-invention. Raised in Hampstead by his timber merchant father, he nursed an early fascination for clothes, appearances and stylish things…
"Princess Elizabeth as Colonel of the Grenadier GuardsCecil Beaton Princess Elizabeth as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards" and other works
Sir Cecil Beaton’s most spectacular talent is little known in the present day. We know him, of course, as a prominent society and fashion photographer of the 1940’s; we know his photographs of Prince Charles as a baby, of the wartime Churchill in various bulldog poses, of St. Paul’s Cathedral in ruins, of thickly made-up socialites, and flocks of storklike models in Charles James evening gowns…

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