Cathy Wilkes | the artist

The artist Cathy Wilkes
Born 1966, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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photo: Ruth Clark

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Cathy Wilkes (b. 1966, Belfast, lives and workes in Glasgow) makes fragmentary but meticulously composed and poetic installations with sculptures, found objects and materials, which she picks up in a great variety of places. Although they are essentially abstract, WilkesÂ’ creations make a surprisingly narrative impression on the spectator...

"My work comes from plain thoughts which are glamourously made up to survive in the world of art."

"There is an area, at which art and life intersect, which becomes physically present in Scottish artist Cathy Wilkes' carefully constructed installation Mister So And So,... It is a panoramic installation, full of delicate hints and fragile signs of courtship, dreams and projection, assumptions and knowledge..."

Cathy Wilkes makes installations with sculptures, found objects and materials that are scattered and dispersed in rarefied environments...

"Non Verbal (version )", 2005/07...and more