Carmelo Zagari | the artist

The artist Carmelo Zagari
Born 1957, Firminy, France.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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The Carmelo Zagari’s paintings are often monumental performance. Size figures, domestic and exotic bestiary, intense flora, objects with familiar and symbolic operation, mythological figures, both obscure and realistic, portraits of family and friends ... a world, a vision, organized chaos, executed at once without repentance .... on the spot, in a position of emergency. Viewing a selection of his performances followed by a conversation with artist.

What are all these things : monkeys, skulls, girafes, horses, fruit, a coffee pot ? "They’re things that scare me. They’re of the order of the untouchable. In Calabria, you don’t paint dead people – form has magical power…"

triptyque 1 et 2