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The artist Candida Hofer
Born 1944, Eberswalde, Germany.
Lives and works in Cologne, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography,

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Höfer is largely hailed by the European vanguards of art as one the greatest architectural photographers.  In her work, she explores powerful and deserted interiors, devoid of human presence and gloriously still. Her images therefore become a sort of encyclopaedia of the spaces within which mankind has achieved greatness: libraries, cathedrals, and museums. However, humans are nowhere to be seen, their transience obvious and the immanence of their monuments striking. Höfer manages to produce these magnificent portraits of interiors without digitally enhancing or altering the images. Her technique of working solely with the existing light source allows her to capture the most intricate details in every photograph. The beauty of the spaces is captured for posterity…

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Candida Hofer is an architectural photographer.  Her photographs are quiet and grave, yet filled with color and incident. For the most part empty of human presence, they are filled with the residue and potential of human activity. They reveal her interests and ideas about the world: the order of space, the organization of knowledge, the exchange of information, the history of design and style, the nature of place, the transformative function of light.

"Biblioteca civica di Trieste"