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The artist Callum Morton
Born 1965, Montreal, Canada.
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Morton’s is best known for his elaborate architectural models which incorporate sculpture, photography, sound and digital imagery to set familiar forms from architectural history against their original function. Weaving drama and humour into his work he undermines the seriousness of many buildings, filling them with narratives drawn from life, movies or books. ..

Callum Morton’s sculpture Valhalla has the presence of a war-torn ruin, but is a careful reconstruction of the house his architect father built in 1974 – ‘a concrete homage to Mondrian’...

Callum Morton’s new work will further explore his interest in the relationships between private and public space, reality and illusion, interior and exterior. Located in the grounds of Palazzo Zenobio, Morton will create a large-scale, architecturally-inspired installation...with portrait of the artist

Tomorrow Land