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The artist Bronwen Findlay
Born 1953, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Lives and works in Johannesburg, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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The starting point for Bronwen Findlay's exhibition, All about Everything is a large oil painting of the same title. The painting depicts elements of past works and a seemingly random collection of domestic objects. These objects are sometimes immersed into the paint to become part of the total picture...

"I have used an image of a face cloth to advocate for the rights of children. In this context a face cloth is a square piece of toweling which may be bought from hawkers on the street or from department stores. Its associations with bath time evoke feelings of security, safety, comfort – “playtime, nighttime, bath- time” (Yvette Christiansë). These associations with care are the rights of every child..."

Biography and works

Ring of flowers

She has been included in numerous group shows both nationally and Internationally, including 'Panoramas of passage: changing landscapes of South Africa', USA, 1995and'Siyawela:love, loss and liberty', Birmingham city Art Museum, England,1995. She was also held number of solo exhibition in Durban...