Brigitte Nahon | the artist

The artist Brigitte Nahon
Born Dec 23 1960, Nice, France.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Drawing, Installation art,

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rigitte NaHoN employs a combination of fragile and strong materials that often seem to float in space. Her ethereal work addresses such opposites as balance and imbalance, solidity and fragility, heaviness and lightness, the temporary and the eternal. Reflecting her connection to her Jewish identity, TIME ZERO was the first work made after NaHoN’s recovery from cancer…

French-born, New York-based sculptor Brigitte Nahon presented personal if enigmatic allegories on life and the processes of creation. The two large-scale works on view as well as her series of smaller pieces (all 2005) put into play opposing forces at the heart of the universe—equilibrium versus instability, strength versus fragility, heaviness versus lightness, wholeness versus fragmentation. While Nahon relied on mathematical precision to assemble these works, their visual effects were magical…


The simplicity of Brigitte Nahon’s structures has an equilibrium achieved by a complex interplay of forces…