Bram van Velde | the artist

The artist Bram van Velde
Born Oct 19 1895, Zoetenwoude-Rijndijk, Netherlands.
Died Dec 28 1981, Grimaud Haute Provence, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Existential Art, Documenta Kassel, Lyrical Abstraction,

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[no title]  1975-6, Lithograph on paper

Bram Van Velde was born in Zoeterwoude, and left the Netherlands in 1922 never to return. He went to stay for a few years in Worpswede, the artists’ community in Germany, a period that was to be of crucial importance for his artistic development. He subsequently left for Paris in 1924, where he met the Irish writer Samuel Beckett at the end of the 1930s: ‘a Great Encounter, in capitals’, as Van Velde described it.

Born in Holland in 1895, Bram van Velde’s work is notable for its highly personal Expressionist style wherein powerful emotions, expressed through the use of colour, are regulated by inherent structural solidity. Over the course of his long career – he died in Grimaud in 1981 – he resided for extended periods of time in Geneva where he maintained close contacts with art circles…

Samuel Beckett

Sans titre, 1975, Collection d’Art Nestlé  Musée Jenisch.