Boris Lurie | the artist

The artist Boris Lurie
Born July 18 1924, Leningrad, Russia.
Died Jan 7 2008 New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

NO!art movement
NO!art occupies the
strategic juncture
where artistic production
meets socio-cultural
action. NO!art targets
are the hypocritical
intelligentsia, capitalist
culture manipulation,
consumerism, and
other molochs. NO!art
aims total unabashed
self-expression in art
leading to social

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NO!art, the movement Lurie founded in 1959, ‘out of desperation’, along with Sam Goodman and Stanley Fisher, set out to explore certain uncomfortable truths about the nature of art, commerce, history and society – truths that art dealers, museums, patrons, collectors and the general public did not necessarily want to hear, especially in an era of prosperity and conformity…

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