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The artist Bodil Furu
Born Febr 22 1976, Askim, Norway.
Lives and works in Oslo, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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My ambience’ is about the relation between utopism and determination, between individuals and the collective, or put more simply; about Living. This overwhelming subject, with distinct political and religious overtones, is so firmly earthed by Bodil Furu, that it is turned into good art. This is not an easy thing to pull off…

Errol Nordstedt alias Eddie Medusa (video)

"Au! Der datt jeg"

In this documentary I have investigated how an image or a kind of theatrical role figure can take over a persons life. Form been some kind of a mask that you can put on and take of as you please, you might get caught up in this character. This is what happened to the strange, Swedish figure Errol Nordstedt, alias Eddie Meduza…

"Individual Communities"