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The artist Bernhard Willhelm
Born 1972, Ulm, Germany.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .

Style and technique of the artist: Design, Athens Biennale,

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Bernhard Willhelm is a German fashion designer who is renowned for his love of mixing absurdity with high fashion. Born in Ulm in 1972, he moved from his native Germany to Belgium where he studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy, graduating in May 1998 with Honours and establishing his own label in the same month…

When he began showing in Paris in 1999, Bernhard Willhelm—a German native residing in Belgium—broke about eight million fashion rules by using colors, volumes and themes that defied categorization. Ingenious pop references from toys and computer games to trash and American footballers suddenly seemed as obvious a course to chart as mimimalism in the 90s. Now, at 32, he’s still the fashion world’s darling, confounding and enlightening more than ever with a relentlessly novel, dazzling and egalitarian approach to design…

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