Bernardi Roig | the artist

The artist Bernardi Roig
Born 1965, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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A multidisciplinary artist, Bernardì Roig leaves drawing in order to take sculpture, photography and video, with an aesthetic concern that centres upon the portayal of the body, using materials such as fire and its products (ashes, coal, burnt wood)...

For Bernardí Roig, light is what keeps us from seeing, what definitively obstructs our gaze, and that gaze is, thus, the breakdown and disappearance of the symbolic, whose fundamental underpinnings would be desire...

Son esculturas, dibujos, textos, fotografías y un video que merodean, interrogan y por ello enmudecen, la cuestión de la mirada y el deseo, intentando conseguir la plenitud del acontecimiento relatado...

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