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The artist Bernard Frize
Born 1954, Saint Mande, France.
Lives and works in Paris, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers,

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Near the end of the 1970s Bernard Frize decided to devote himself to painting. Any other decisions he left in large part to the idiosyncrasies of the medium. Already with his early work Frize burst the cult of the artist as a creator. In his view, the artist is not above anyone else: he is merely a ‘labourer’ who produces paintings. Frize bought template rolls with figurative shapes he applied on the canvas. With the smallest brush he could find, he patiently filled in a canvas measuring one square metre with short brushstrokes. Frize’s painting is based on technique and movement. He does not believe in personal expression, communicating a message or political statement. He wants the medium itself to speak, to purify painting, to peel painting until only its bare essence is left: paint, tools, the technique of applying paint on the canvas. Simple methods determine the motif or pattern…

Frenchman Bernard Frize makes his knowledge of materials and techniques the main issue of an exploration into the origins of painting. His technique changes constantly, using different implements, from rollers to traînards (a thin brush used for very detailed work)...

<p>Bernard Frize paints series of abstract and colourful paintings. He experiments with different techniques to better question the meaning of painting itself. Since the 1990s, he has been creating a series of paintings using a mixture of acrylic and resin that he applies in a single spray.<br /> Each painting is therefore a unique creation. Chance takes on the major role in the creation and in the experience of new methods and technical limitations…</p>

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