Balthasar Burkhard | the artist

The artist Balthasar Burkhard
Born Dec 25 1944, Bern, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Bern, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Since 1997 Balthasar Burkhard (Switzerland, b. 1944) has been making aerial photographs. He photographs megacities such as Tokyo, Mexico City and Chicago - the proverbial "molochs" of modern civilisation...

As a hyperrealist dreamer, admirer of Courbet, Balthasar Burkhard shows us the universal poetry. His photographs pick up the most intimate details or embrace the immensity of the world...


Heliogravure "Schottland"

Balthasar Burkhard’s photographic oeuvre stands out for its hermeticism and poetic depth. Burkhard centers on a stock of clearly-defined subjects which he carefully extracts one by one from their context in order to present them as large-format photographs...