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The artist Annika Larsson
Born 1972, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Every image in Annika Larsson’s videos is explicit and sharp as is the specific choice of actors, costumes, music (Tobias Bernstrup composed the music for both videos), and props. There appears to be a sense of overt obsession and clarity. There are no accidents. Larsson shoots, directs and edits all of her videos personally and her interest in small details, such as movement, gesture and gaze is very clear, as is the awareness of purpose and consequence. Dog depicts an act of loyalty and commitment taking place between two male subjects/counterparts yet they seemingly lack a specific goal. This emptiness, or vacuum, stands in contrast to the heroic signs created by the music and casting. These “heroes of nothing” move in a void. Seduction is strongly present throughout the work and the dog, reduced to an object, serves to channel the emotions between the two men. Props and costumes such as the heavy chain and substantial collar on the dog and the men’s well-pressed business suits reinforce the very serious and measured precision in the video. This excessive tension serves to make the erotic undertones even more perverse…


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