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The artist Allan Kaprow
Born April 23 1927, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.
Died Apr 5 2006, San Diego, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Installation art, Painting,

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Action and Happening Art.

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Happenings'. I'd already repudiated the word, because many other people before that were using it. It was a catch word. You remember everybody went around going, "What's happening, baby?" Political uprisings on campuses and advertisements for butter and brassieres were all using the word "happening."...

Within a brief and intense early career, Kaprow progressed from an interest in Abstract Expressionism (Jackson Pollock) and many-levelled paintings incorporating collage to assemblage...

Art As Life

Allan Kaprow coined the term Happening in the late 1950s, and led the movement into the bright lights of popular culture that characterized the 1960s...