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The artist Alison Wilding
Born 1948, Blackburn, Lancashire, England.
Lives and works in London UK.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Wilding belongs to a generation of sculptors whose work was seen, in the early 1980s, as being a notable departure from earlier practice. Her sculptures often consist of two separate elements, which suggest opposite such as positive-negative, male-female, light-dark. She uses a wide range of different materials, including copper, wood, beeswax, lead, galvanised steel, transparent plastics, silk, fossils, rubber and paints; these enable her to set up unusual contrasts of form, colour and surface…
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Works in the TATE collection
Hand to Mouth’. This is one of a number of works by Wilding that feature two connected yet dissimilar parts. The carved form is rounded, warm and sensual, like an animal or a snail, and contains a small pool of beeswax…
Green Rise’. This work is typical of Alison Wilding’s exploration of the nature of surface and balance, employing traditional sculptural materials such as wood and metal…

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