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The artist Adam Chodzko
Born 1965, London, England.
Lives and works in Whitstable, Kent and London, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Drawing,

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Adam Chodzko: Limbo Land and A Place for 'The End'

If you look at anything too hard it begins to disintegrate, dissolving to the point where everything can be linked yet nothing is stable...

...There are allusions to a number of art historical genres in this work. The signs make strong reference to 1960s conceptual art by presenting a set of instructions which, if followed, are transformed by the viewer from language to performance. With Better Scenery Chodzko also subverts the tradition of landscape painting by overlaying multiple landscapes linguistically and visually...

Thirteen-year-old Austen sports a ribboned hat and travels the streets of Whitstable on an electric bike; attached to the rear is a makeshift trailer, piled high with bottles bound for recycling...