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Posted on October 9, 2012, 10:37 pmAuthor : Marc J. Lee 

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 NEW YORK, October 5, 2012-EMOA Space Chelsea proudly presents the collaborative art exhibition, “America is Now” with five artists. This is to explore past, present, and upcoming American art through their artworks.

Pamela Stern is an artist in a NY-based artistic family of three generations. She never hides her passion toward abstract patterns and Chagall’s impressionistic atmosphere. Those are in harmony with various motifs from American cultures.


Michael Steven Stern is a California-based Architect and Artist. His art style has been heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and Jackson Pollack’s abstract expressionism. In this show, he introduces artisanship in a technique named “the Edge,” and sophistication in abstract concept.


Minako Ito was born in Tokyo and studied art in New York. Her heart-warming lithographs depicting New York streets is truly a crossover of American art techniques and Japanese sentiment and composition of Ukiyoe (woodblock prints)


William Conroy Lindsay is a young contemporary American artist. Applying his signature pattern, “Squiggle,” he is presenting art works of various formats and sizes. Smartly arranged palettes of lively colors and delicate micro-patterns give Zen-like awe and surprise to viewers.


David Daehyun Chang is Korean American who is a very adventurous, experimental young artist. His new series, “Consilience,” boldly and successfully combines American abstract expressionism with Korean traditional rice paper.

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Tagged Keywords: painting, abstract, sculpture, chelsea
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