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Put Heart in your Art: Designing your own Art Studio

Posted on July 9, 2012, 3:54 pmAuthor : Edward Stuart 

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 The day has come. The time is right. It seems like the stars have finally aligned, and you are now ready to beginning building that “place of your own.” For too long, your work has been interrupted by outside disturbances, or put on hold to provide room for the unexpected house guest; but with the construction of your own art home art studio, these issues will finally be put to rest. One issue remains, however, before you plunge headlong into the project at hand: how do you design an in-home art studio?

First and foremost, select the room that will best serve the designated purpose. A room near a bathroom is ideal, and will save you the hassle requiring a sink for quick clean up.  Also work to secure a room with as much natural lighting as possible, as natural, northern exposure light is best suited for the canvas. If this is unavailable, you will want to find a full-spectrum light source—easily available at most home improvement stores—in order to allow you to see the colors and textures fully, while minimizing potential eyestrain.

The sort of workspace you require will depend on your medium, but seek to find one that full amount of support needed to achieve what ever task you have at hand. Easels, tilted drafting tables, or sometimes an open floor space can all prove to meet your needs. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation around your workspace, as strong fumes are often created with many art supplies.

Organization is key, regardless of how artistic you are in nature. Be sure you have plenty of space to store your full arsenal of tools and supplies. This will again be dictated by your medium, allotting for drawers, cupboards, shelves, or a combination of the set. Keeping your equipment organized will provide you with a clutter-free work environment, while also saving you time otherwise spent searching for tools, or wasting money on supplies you already have.

Remember, this is your space, and should be inspiring to you. Implement elements and features you find inspiring. Cover the walls with images or art that speaks to you, or simply paint the room your favorite color. If music is what motivates you, be sure to build in some sort of stereo system with your favorite albums on hand. Obviously, work to minimize distractions, but create a space that gets your creative juices percolating.

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Author Bio: Edward Stuart is an interior design aficionado, and follows all things design and fashion. He is an online publisher on the topics of interior design, home decor, and fashion tips.

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