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Celeste Prize 2012

Posted on June 18, 2012, 4:01 amAuthor : Celeste Network 

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Celeste Prize 2012, 4th Edition

Open call to all artists worldwide, without limits of age or experience. Top art curators pick finalist works, then it’s up to finalist artists to vote the 20,000 € prizes!

Entries online by 31 July 2012.

More information:  

Prize categories:

4,000 € Painting & Drawing Prize

4,000 € Video & Animation Prize

4,000 € Photography & Digital Graphics Prize

4,000 € Installation & Live Media Prize

 3,500 € Curator's Choice Prize

500 € Public's Choice Prize 

40 finalist works are chosen  in September by a jury of 10 international  critics & curators led by Katya Garcia-Anton. Each juror will publish his or her selections online in a totally open selection process!

Artists, photographers, designers and architects anywhere in the world can participate without limits of age, sex, experience or profession. A team of international art curators and critics are seeking excellence in content, contemporary aesthetic, technique, and material in works for the final exhibition. Entry fee per artwork 40 €.

Curator of 4th edition Celeste Prize 2012: Katya Garcia-Anton. Selection Panel: Irina Chmyreva, Michael Connor, Micol Di Veroli, Maymanah Farhat, Lara Khaldi, Eva Gonzalez-Sancho, Jack Persekian, Lydia Pribisova, Nigel Prince, Maria Inés Rodriguez, Risa Shoup. Live Media Panel: Fonlad Festival - José Vieira, Forward Motion Theater - Eric Dunlap, Otolab-Orgone - Bertram Niessen, Claudio Sinatti – IED, Alessandro Ludovico – Neural Magazine.

Prize  winners are chosen directly at the awards night by  the finalist artists themselves during the final exhibition at Centrale Montemartini, the City of Rome’s old power station, 1-9 December 2012.

Artwork submitted so far to Celeste Prize 2012: 

Celeste Prize 2012 is working in collaboration with the city of Rome's Musei Capitolini - Centrale Montemartini, Zetema, and Glocal Project.

Join Celeste Network, it’s the fastest growing network for artists and visual arts professionals worldwide, more than 44,000 members have already signed up – its free !  

Celeste Prize 2012 is organized by Celeste Network, Italy.

Tel: +39 0577 1521988 -  -


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