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Yucca Rose - Longing and Belonging

Posted on May 2, 2012, 12:11 pmAuthor : IndoArt 

Click to Enlarge!Yukke Roswenda Rose, better known as Yucca Rose, is a leading jazz vocalist and well respected contemporary painter from Malang in East Java, where she was born on June 21st, 1979 as the third child of a modern and open minded Javanese family, who nurtured artistic ambitions in all their children.

The creative freedom and support from parents and older siblings installed self esteem and empowered the young woman - she found herself sure about her role in life from an early age on, when she, only a young teenager, actively immersed herself in artistic and journalistic endeavors - beginning to draw caricatures, interviewing community members, and cr
eating a successful monthly school magazine with drawings, sketches, cartoons and running the magazine as editor at large.
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Given the fact that many art programs in Indonesia during the late 90s were cut from curriculums, she funded her projects through a small personal foundation. This Journalism, Communication and Arts foundation, which she established in High School, still exists to this date - actively supporting young creative minds.

To further her (by then already multiple) creative career paths, she moved to Jakarta to study Graphic Design at Interstudy Desain Grafis and Jazz Vocals / Jazz Ensemble at Elfa Music Studio and Institut Musik Daya Indonesia.

This important move to the Capital Region of Indonesia gave her more creative exposure and opportunities – also allowing her to become part of the famed JakartClick to Enlarge!a Community Painter network.

Her early paintings were rough and showed obvious signs of inexperience, yet displayed a fresh breath of innocence and pure childlike joy, which was immediately recognized by a few established Jakarta based artisans, who then carefully guided her on her path to becoming a professional contemporary painter without loosing her identity.

Having never received a full formal education as a painter may now be seen as a blessing, as she retained her natural and unspoiled naiveté – a colorful innocence and romantic purity. “Longing and belonging” are most appropriate key-words for most of her unique paintings, which are now more and more recognized - finding their way into collections worldwide.

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In addition to her career as contemporary painter, Yucca Rose also enjoys rising popularity as #1 ranked Indonesian Jazz vocalist (with Global Jazz positions at #10) and this year, she's taking on a new challenge – becoming a theatrical actress in two of her own theatrical productions.

Yucca Rose is also the founder and Creative Director of Rose Entertainment - a Jakarta based entertainment production company, which provides creative solutions for high-end theatrical shows, Cirque style acrobatic concepts, contemporary and traditional dance festivals/showcases as well as professional turn-key production packages for music events and art installations for an upscale clientele.

More info at:

Facebook - Reverbnation - Art Profiles - Youtube - Behance Network

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