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call for photographic and video projects

Posted on October 31, 2011, 11:01 amAuthor : celeste prize 

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Open Call for photographic and video projects,

entries by 29 February 2012

"beyondmemory" is an open call which invites artists to reflect on contemporary photography and video’s role in perceiving history and collective memory. The project is based on an idea suggested by the curator Marinella Paderni, and is a collaboration between Fondazione Studio Marangoni and Celeste Network.

Memory has been for centuries a community’s natural repository of symbolic and mythical meaning; a combination of true stories and fantastical representations, which mixed, history with poetry, reality with art, artistic conjecture with collective unconscious, the universal with the singular. With the end of dogmas and grand ideological narratives, memory is no longer a producer of myths, rather it survives as the basis for a search of truth, taking up the role of instrument of knowledge, of historical production and verification of information. The idea that memory is repository of a single, absolute truth, has been replaced in our information age by the notion of many memories: micro-truths without universal authenticity which act on the knowledge and production of history. In particular, according to Michel Foucault’s view, photography has given birth to the idea of archive as a repository of memory and a fundamental building-block of the present.

"beyondmemory" reflects on photography and video’s role in the perception of history and collective memory, with particular attention given to the importance of archives and photographic documents in artistic research – a cultural phenomenon which the philosopher Jacques Derrida called “le mal d’archive.”

Archive fever is one of contemporary art’s principal themes. Photography provides another viewpoint on history, revealing misunderstood or possible ‘truths’, transforming traces of information and documents into visual monuments of our time, often creating their own devices and taking up other languages of expression. Works submitted to Beyond Memory can contain images as clues for paradigms, textual elements, photographic installations with archive material, sound fragments, the use of photographs which are simply found or tell a common story, are some of the forms adopted by contemporary photography to give images various levels of significance to history and collective memory.


All projects presented to 'beyondmemory' must relate to the theme proposed by Marinella Paderni. Each project can contain one work or upto a maximum of 10 works – containing photographs and/or videos (max 10 miunutes) – supported by a textual statement. Works and statements can be uploaded directly by artists from personal accounts in Celeste Network, and instantly published in the appropriate area onsite called ‘Beyond Memory’.

Who can Submit?
'beyondmemory' is an international call for projects, in which artists or artist groups members of Celeste from anywhere in the world can participate without limits of age, sex or profession.

Projects can be presented directly online no later than midnight 29 February 2012.

30 € for each project (contains one work or upto a maximum of 10 works).The fee is payable directly online Celeste via PayPal before upload of projects.

First prize: 1,000 €
Second prize: 500 €
Third prize: 500 €



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