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The Best Tattoos Inspired by Classic Art

Posted on : April 23, 2015 Author : alonl
Tattoos are considered as an art form. They are widely accepted as a method of artistic expression that uses one’s body as the canvas. And when classic art and tattoo meet, the result is extraordinary. Here are some of the best tattoos that depict the famous works of known artists.

1. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica

Guernica Tattoo Pablo Picasso

Spanish painter Pablo Picasso has contributed a number of paintings for the world to appreciate. And one of his most celebrated works is the Guernica. Incidentally, it is also among the most replicated tattoo of all time. As a matter of fact, even Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has part of the painting tattooed on her arm. The Guernica depicts Picasso’s take on the Spanish Civil War.

2. Leonardo’s Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Tattoo

The mysterious smile of Mona Lisa is something that even tattoo artists can’t ignore. It can’t be denied that there are simply too many tattoo fans and artists that were charmed by her. As a result, they have decided to replicate her face, and at times the entire portrait, on their back, shoulders, or butt. However, this is one of those tattoos that only real artists can create.

3. Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel

Marcel Duchamp Tattoo

Marcel Duchamp is among the modern artists whose installations and ready-mades became well celebrated. One of them is his work he called as the ‘Bicylce Wheel’. It’s an installation where a single bicycle wheel, was fasted to a kitchen stool in an inverted manner. He said he created this art to fulfill his happy idea to see the wheel turn. Such an art became very famous in the world of tattoos as well.

4. Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait

Andy Warhol Tattoo

Although he has created several of celebrity portraits that made him famous, Andy Warhol’s self portrait remained to be one of the most popular subjects of tattoos. Sure there are tattoos created like his version of Marilyn Monroe. But since he is a world famous pop art icon, many artists chose to pay homage to his works by inking his face in the bodies of their subjects. Andy Warhol’s fans can only be too willing.

5. Raphael’s Saint Michael

Raphael Tattoo

Raphael, without doubt, is one of the most popular Renaissance artists. Duplicating any of his work on a tattoo is definitely going to be a very difficult feat. One of his famous paintings is that of the St. Michael. Though filled with intricate details, a handful of very talented tattoo artists have successfully turned such a painting into a very fascinating angel tattoo.

6. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

Another very popular painting – so popular that it has got a song in honor of it – was Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. This painting has inspired a lot of people from different places and in different ways. As such, may tattoo artists took cue and faced head on the challenge to paint their subject’s body in an ink as blue as the sky, in a portrait that is as beautiful as the night. Vincent Van Gogh has definitely touched the heart of millions of people with this artwork.